Back again.

March 24, 2016

Hey Guys,

So, I turned 30 this monday :-0 and I haven’t been updating my blog for almost 6 years it seems.

I’ve been doing a lot (a lot) of different things while I’ve been away. Now I’m back. And I wanna share with you, all of the things I’ve been doing. It’ll be in different formats; video, images, writing and some audio.

I’m a huge filmfan, as well you know, and I love opening credits for films. Cause opening credits is what sets the tone and puts you in the mood, for the film you’re about to watch. As a little kid in the 90’s I loved that. Sitting there on the couch, under my quilt, with popcorn at the ready, waiting to be drawn in to this magical world of a great film.
Unfortunately, nowadays we’re always in a hurry, so most movies are in too much of a rush to get started, so they skip this wonderful chance to take the audience by the hand and guide them into this world of the movie. Which I think is such a shame.

So, I took a walk in the woods, north of Copenhagen, with my girlfriend some while ago. I brought my camera, just so I could play with it, but I had had this idea of doing an opening credit, of sorts for some time and thought, while in the woods, why not shoot some material for it now. So I did, and here is what it turned out to be. Hope you like it, feel free to comment.

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  1. Torben says:

    I love when you play with your camera 🙂

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